Celebrate FLAG's 23th Anniversary!!!

AUGUST 8 - 10, 2014

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Mr/Ms FLAG Contest Rules

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  1. Competition is open to all adults over the age of 21.
  2. Contestants must wear gloves for ALL aspects of the competition. Contestants are expected to own their own gloves and primary fetish gear.
  3. Contestants must have an obvious interest in leather, BDSM, or fetishes in general.
  4. All contestants must fill out and sign a contestant application prior to taking the stage.
  5. Contestants must agree to appear onstage wearing appropriate fetish attire and gloves (while conforming with local regulations pertaining to nudity and obscenity).
  6. By signing the application, contestants will allow their before- and after-contest and on-stage photographs to be taken and printed in FLAG’s newsletter (“The Flagship”), FLAG web site, and FLAG Yahoo! Group, or any FLAG-related publications.
  7. All photographs become the property of Fits Like A Glove.
  8. The winner shall receive a back patch, membership to Fits Like A Glove, and $100 cash.
  9. The winner will also receive the Mr/Ms FLAG sash to use for their title year. This sash is not theirs to keep, it must be returned for their step down and to present to the following year’s winner. This sash will be a legacy sash used for each title year and is expected to be kept in great condition by each titleholder. Any damages or loss of the sash and it will be the titleholder’s responsibility to replace it.
  10. As a representative of FLAG, the contest winner will be expected to participate in all FLAG-related events from August 2014 - August 2015. The titleholder is expected to be present and march in the Boston and Providence Pride Parades, be a judge, and step down at the next contest. The winner is also expected to have one fund raising event to help raise money for FLAG. The winner will also be on the cover and centerfold of The Flagship. No nudity required. Is it requested they write an article for the newsletter about their title experience.
  11. Anybody who is already a titleholder for a different contest may still compete for Mr/Ms FLAG. The winner of Mr/Ms FLAG is permitted to compete at any other leather contest.
  12. If you so chose to enter another contest such as IML, MAL, IMsL, Mr Boston Leather, Mr CT Leather, FLAG will do what we can to support you, but we cannot afford Airfare or Hotel. FLAG may be willing to sponsor you and pay sponsor fees if any and if funds are available.
  13. Fits Like A Glove requests that the winner of the Mr/Ms FLAG contest conduct himself/herself in an appropriate and respectful manner when i.e., wearing the back patch and representing the FLAG title.


The contest shall be broken down into four sections:

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