Celebrate FLAG's 23th Anniversary!!!

AUGUST 8 - 10, 2014

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FLAG History

I started FLAG with the idea of getting people together who shared the same fetish for gloves as I do. Also in hopes of finding a husband (I am still looking smiling.) It began with a personal ad I saw in Drummer magazine back in 1988 about gloves. "Gloves" I thought, someone else liked gloves as much as I did? I was exited by the idea, because I truly believed I was the only one with this strange fetish. (How wrong I was!) I wrote to the ad from which I got NO response for almost 3 months. In fact, I had given up Glove Image on getting a response when it came in the mail. The letter was from Andorra, (a tiny country bordering Spain and France) from a gentleman named Pat Roche. He was a very wonderful man, and he told me of others he had been in contact with that also shared the fetish for gloves.

So over the course of the next three years I brain-stormed, along with Pat Roche, the idea of FLAG (Fits Like A Glove) and started the newsletter on June 19,1991 which was, coincidentally, Flag Day. I am sorry to say that Pat did not live to see FLAG grow to the present. He passed on in 1994.

ImageSo with the start of the first newsletter, FLAG was born and we were already international then. We started with eight members. Of the original eight, four are still members. The newsletter was only two typed pages with my thoughts on gloves and some great ideas. It wasn't until the fourth issue that member Gary Knight suggested naming the newsletter The Flagship; which it's been ever since.

In March of 1992, I completed FLAG's colors and logo and my mother created the first banner that August. I really wanted to get FLAG out there for those who felt alone in the fetish. I also hoped to meet someone through these contacts.

As I started spreading the word about my idea to other I found more and more people wanting to join this group. To assist me with my dream was Father James Collins, a teacher and man of the cloth, who became the first Vice President. Father James wrote the original by-laws for FLAG on the inside of a paper bag. James Collins passed on in September of 1993.

Kevin Samson had been associated with FLAG for three years. He and I became best friends almost 4 years ago, a few months after James Collins' death. In a short period of time I asked him to join and he became FLAG's new Vice President. It was at that time we had a local Glove Image leather bar called "The Brig", and started having regular monthly meetings and club nights. It was a good way to get our name out into the public eye, and so we started gaining more members. The club nights were always a big hit, but the bar closed in September of 1995.

The newsletters have grown from two pages upwards to twenty-eight pages including stories, photos, event happenings, the "Glove Box" editorial, even comics at some point. We also changed the format of the newsletter to include front and back cover models. Since then we have had some of the hottest people in gloves on the cover and in the pages of our newsletters. With the increase in home PC's, America Online and the internet, we had a new way to get our name to the public. Both Kevin and I have spent many hours online talking to people who share the glove fetish, and many have joined FLAG. We are also out there in the many websites of our members encouraging people to join and grow with us.

I had never dreamed that FLAG would grow so quickly and be so worldwide. We are currently at 130+ members in 32 states and 11 countries. FLAG has a full executive board, with Jim Maciel as President, Rob Claffie as Vice President, and a Treasurer and Merchandiser. Why a merchandiser?

Because FLAG is a distributor of the finest gloves on the market, DAMASCUS GLOVES!

Thanks to all our hard work, FLAG has recently celebrated its 12th anniversary at the Boston Ramrod. It was two nights of fun for all FLAG members and other organizations that attended; and included our very first Mr./Ms. FLAG Contest. Following the anniversary, the next day was the 10th annual Potluck Cookout. Again, FLAG members and members of other organizations joined us for a fetish cookout in sun. Look for pictures of FLAG's Anniversary Weekend in the Pictures section.

I have many plans for FLAG and the workload is heavy at times, but with our very supportive membership it has been truly the most rewarding thing I have done (even though I still haven't found a husband) smiling.

Current Board Members

President - Jim Maciel
Vice President - Seth Dreyton
Secretary - Kevin Samson

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