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Why Gloves

Jim Maciel - FLAG President

I love the visual part of the gloves; especially to see them worn as part of a hot uniform or full leather attire. The dominating look to them (at least for me, others think gloves are more passive) show strength to me. Then there is the sensual appeal: to be touched by someone wearing gloves, held by them, even held down by them. My FAVORITE thing is to have my mouth covered by a gloved hand! I also find gloves very intimate; for example having someone wearing a pair and holding hands with me, or them sleeping next to me with a pair on holding me. These are my most intimate and personal thoughts on gloves. I really do prefer to have someone wearing them, than to wear them myself. That's my fetish in a nutshell.

Robert Claffie

One reason that many of us got into leather was the feel. We liked the way it felt against our skin when we wore leather, but we also liked being touched by leather. And the easiest way to touch with leather is when it's on our fingers. Hence gloves. What could be better than feeling smooth leather wrapped tightly around our fingers gently caressing another man's bare flesh? Sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

Glen Three Hawks

Gloves denote either something very specific to someone or not much of anything at all. I am on the very specific side of that. There are so many specific things that it is hard for me to articulate them all and the big hard on is that I keep discovering more and more all the time.

Initially the look

My most favorite look is a short glove(copglove) on the end of a bare (or tank top, sleeveless shirt, vest) muscular arm. Just that tight leather covering sort of where it's not "supposed" to be. This says to me this man is more about the glove than what gloves were invented to do: protect the hand. Socially more acceptable is a gloved hand poking out from the cuff of a winter jacket. That look isn't a bad thing, I like it too.

I also like the look of my gloves on the handle bars of my motorcycle and that biker wave we all give each other is always best coming from another glove. I like the look on the steering wheel as well.

The feel

The feel of a tight glove on your hand, just like tight leather on the body is both very erotic and very empowering to me. The feel of the leather hits my textural senses, smooth, soft, warming to the skin.

Empowering in the fact that you are covering your hand (body) with an animal's hide, a soft armor. It protects you, thus giving you more power.

Also the feel of a gloved hand touching my body, many of the same sensations but with the mix of someone else's power and erotic energy. Double your pleasure.


Erotic gives way to sex. Leather gloved sex! Gloved fingers getting forced into a man mouth for sucking.

Gloved hands over the nose and mouth for breath control. Add my mouth to his combined with the gloves creates a very intense, very intimate sexual experience. Breath is life and sharing and controlling it thru gloved hands...WOOF. Nothing creates a prettier picture than a rock hard penis clenched by a gloved hand. Cock and ball play with leather straps and gloves is also a favorite of mine. The combination of lighting and smoking cigars with gloved hands sets my mood immediately. It puts me right into that aggressive, take-no-shit attitude, my favorite place to be.

Well, those are a few of the gloved feelings I had today..I'm sure if you ask this question again in a few months I'll have more to add.

Ms Boston Leather 2001

Because they feel good on my fingers.

Because they add a nice edge to finger sucking.

Because they help me hold onto my floggers (and contrast nicely with
the silver metal handles)

Because gloves are safer and sexier (latex/nitrile)

Because every good girl and boy needs accessories

Because it protects your hands during that great spanking that you don't want to stop because your hands are as red as their ass...Wink

Because they can be as gentle as they are hardcore.

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